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Skele - Kitty Black Cat Earrings

Skele - Kitty Black Cat Earrings

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Black Cat Halloween Earrings

Now with GLOW in the DARK options!

These dangle earrings can be either cute or spooky, the choice is yours! Choose from a pair of cute kitties, pair of skeleton kitties, or even get a mismatched pair to have it both ways! The skeleton kitty is also offered in two colors. The cats are made of black pearl acrylic, which has a subtle pearlescence to it. The cute kitties eyes and nose are engraved and hand painted in green and pink. The skeleton kitties are engraved as well and painted in either green or white. The green skeleton matches the cute kitty nicely, but I wanted to offer a traditional color as well. The closures pictured are acrylic moon stainless steel studs, stainless lever backs, and stainless steel ball studs. The moon studs come in 4 colors: black pearl (same material as the cats), pink pearl, glitter purple, glitter pumpkin spice. Since people prefer different closures, you have the option of selecting between studs, lever backs, and ear wires for your earring closure. If you select a closure other than a moon, your earrings will not have the moon included. The last picture shows an example of your choices. All earrings are hand assembled and designed by me.

These are made of laser cut acrylic. The acrylic is thin and lightweight, resulting in a bold look without being heavy. Each earring weighs 1 oz, which is about the same as a nickel. As always, the earrings are designed and assembled by me, Alexis. As is the nature of handmade items, slight variations will occur. Any earrings purchased will be made of the same materials as in the photographs, but many of the acrylics I use are marble or glitter designs and there are subtle variations in these patterns.

Care information

While acrylic is strong and lightweight, you should take care to avoid dropping it and and bending your pieces. To protect your acrylic jewelry:

Remove before sleeping

Keep away from water

Clean with a dry microfiber cloth

Store away from other sharp jewelry or objects that could scratch the surface

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