About Us

Mountains of Whimsy is dedicated to creating the magical. We are a small business based in Iowa. All jewelry is designed and made in house solely by owner/designer, Alexis Mulkey.

Alexis began Mountains of Whimsy after deciding to stay home with her infant son. Like so many people, the up and downs since 2020 led Alexis to strive for a better work life balance - leaving the "traditional" workplace behind. The shop was founded in 2021 when Alexis got a glowforge. She has created jewelry since childhood, and the addition of a laser cutter opened the door to creating unique, intricate designs.

Our goal is to bring whimsy and elegance to the everyday - with handmade, wearable art. Our designs are inspired by the things that bring wonder and beauty to life: nature, books, and eras past. That's where our name comes from. Alexis has always felt at peace in nature, and nothing is quite as magical as the mountains.  Mountains of Whimsy is the place you'll find all the whimsical and magical jewelry you can imagine - mountains worth.